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Story: In one overcast evening Patrick came to the spongebob for a night, but didn't find him. After non result searching Patrick noticed, that something wrong here... nasty creature crawled out of the basement and killed any hope of getting out of this house... Why does it live  in the Spongebob house and where is he? 

You play as a Patrick. 

Find a way from this nightmare, until you got cached by terrible squid.

// non-commercial fan game of spongebob squarepants, one of my favourite cartoons! Enjoy the game and don't forget about headphones. (Also keep in mind that you're always being watched)

Updated 17 days ago
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AuthorTasty Ink Games
TagsAtmospheric, Horror, lone-survivor, Parody, Singleplayer, Spooky, Survival Horror


Squidward's Prediction.zip 151 MB


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Fun game, as embarrassing as it sounds it got me a couple times when I let my guard down, but I am brave enough to admit that xD

It did have good atmosphere and while I am not really a fan of loud = scary I think I can let it pass here. I think it would have made the game better if there was some sort of hide mechanic, as in; hide under a table or something like this in order to escape him, rather than to just run out of his view, but other than that I think it was a solid little game!

I did find a place where a wall was not fully connected which I also have shown in my video, purely cosmetic, you cannot clip through the wall or anything but I wanted to point that out, maybe there will be a small fix adressing this


Atmosphere was crazy!!





This game will make you have to move back in with mommy, as the cold lonely nights are unsafe from the terrifying tentacled killer! You may never know who he will strike next, or where. Think you can handle it?


Who hurt this mans!?

loved this game!! WE NEED A PART 2


This game was riding all the time over the funny and creepy line during the playthrough without feeling "strange" while playing. Well done :D


Check out my video :)

This game was super fun to play! I couldn't decide if it was terrifying or hilarious which is my favorite kind of game! I really hope the dev makes more just like this!

♥ love you guys ♥


Yo i knew Squidward would lose his mind one day haha! this game is honestly fun highly reccomend!


BEST SCARY GAME IVE PLAYED IN A WHILE. Especially when your child hood is based on spongebob lol. look foward to seeing more games like this




Great game! Had some good jumpscares




Tasty Ink Games, I wanted to ask about one thing about the game, does it have a mobile version?  I went looking for it and found this one.

Is this yours?

It's not mine😐. Thank you for that info, I'll try to do something.

you're welcome 


LOVED THIS from start to finish! There have been a lot of SpongeBob horror games recently, but this one is the scariest, also funniest, one made! Good job dev and I can’t wait to see more form you 😄

have not play the game it looks already scary 11/10 


Had a great time playing this 


i give it a thumbs down as it annoying 


An Amazing SpongeBob game. Love the vibes. Amazing Job Dev. 10/10 XD

malo tu juego


Haha this was awesome! Actually scared me with the jumpscares. Great job 👍🏾

this game broke my headset 

This game had some of the scariest jump scares I think I have ever experienced


Squidward really snapped! I love the recreation of sponge bobs home in 3d. I also like the jump scares, they are kinda loud tho lol. I loved the cartoon so when i saw this i had to try, not disapointed. Amazing game!


That's not Squidward | Squidward's Prediction Spongebob Horror Game

this was my first SpongeBob themed  horror game and it was great. The jump scares really got me so great game and keep up the great work!!


I have never watched Sponge Bob but I still found this game to be pretty scary. Nailed the tension and pacing! 

OKAY this is fantastic, very very scary omf god that screamers are so fucking loud



Really fun game, great job! :)

Hello This Game is Good And it made me sweat from fear.

If you like the video leave me a like and subscribe and a commend i love to talk to anyone.

This game made jump and stutter, you made a great game and I can't wait to see what else you will make 

I made a video on your game (9:59)

(1 edit) (-1)

Good graphic, interesting story and really made me goosebumps!

i also recorded this game on my youtube channel, you can leave a like or comment there! thank you :D

waiting more game like this.

good job Tasty Ink


No idea why this was as scary as it was. Jump scares were on POINT here, tension was also really well done. Loved it !

I made a video on your game if you're interested :)

Way to ruin my childhood brah, circumsized?

Great Game! Lots of jump scares love it!

This one was the best SpongeBob horror games that I’ve played in awhile! The jumpscares got me so good I couldn’t comprehend what happened.

Please, check out my video on me getting spooked while playing! Thank you in advance, stay safe and be responsible. ❤️

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